Ona Rathuna is a wondrous place, but there are many things about it that will be new and unfamiliar at first. Therefore, as I’m chronicling these stories (starting with Havenvale), I’m also putting together a Glossary. Here is one such entry. Underlined items will eventually have their own Glossary entries. Also eventually (and hopefully) there will someday be a wiki or web pages or even a separate website with the entire Glossary in/on it.


Small green fruit with orange seeds and a thin gray peel, derived from the tropical kiwi fruit, modified by magic to grow well in Havenvale’s temperate climate. High in tangy vitamin C and trace nutrients. Like all other tropical fruits, importing either the fruit or the trees was exceedingly time consuming and expensive until 592-597 AF, when Green Mage CYAN DACE (509 AF-618 AF) of Oxlaith Province modified the tree and several others to produce well in a colder, wetter climate. See also OLANGE, PIN-FRUIT, LIMM, LEMM, RED-CITRUS, MANGOLLO, PAPPI-YA, BANNA