My current project is a love story set in Havenvale, a kingdom where magic is everyday, dragons are made of gems, and some of the trees have tea-time conversations. This will be a series of three or more novel-length stories following the developing relationship between Sadie Weatherspell and William, Prince Alarion Reysandoral of Silverlaith.

Sadie, a sculptress with StoneSight, can find the perfect form inside any stone and carve it into being. She’s young and just building a reputation for herself in the city of Silvercaer, where she’s been living with her godmother for the last few years. She’s excited about her career, ready to make her mark in the Kingdom of Havenvale as one of its best Gifted artisans.

William is a prince. He has many far-reaching responsibilities, including producing an heir. He’s agreed to allow his family to find him a bride for a one-year heir contract, when a friend tells him the sculptures around his house are old and drab, and he should hire Sadie to make him something new to freshen up the castle. He thinks, why not? So he lets his friend Wrenn, a Ciuin, one of the Voices of the Gods, set up a meeting.

That’s when Sadie and William become trapped by a magical geas known as a TrueBond. And go on a quest of discovery, only to find that the fate of their kingdom rests on whether or not they accept a Bond they never ever knew was possible.