Ona Rathuna is a wondrous place, but there are many things about it that will be new and unfamiliar at first. Therefore, as I’m chronicling these stories (starting with Havenvale), I’m also putting together a Glossary. Here is one such entry. Underlined items will eventually have their own Glossary entries. Also eventually (and hopefully) there will someday be a wiki or web pages or even a separate website with the entire Glossary in/on it.


A tree that grows only in the foothills of the Dovetop and Winterridge Mountains in deep soil next to ice-water creeks. The tree grows very slowly, producing extremely hard wood in very small quantities. Most years, the Foresters of Havenvale only cut a single branch from one tree, and never cut down entire trees. They keep a census and maps of the trees, and have been attempting to increase the population for several hundred years by cultivating the seedlings. They measure their success by how many cultivated seedlings root verses how many seeds root naturally in any given decade. In the last two decades they have had a remarkable increase in their success rates: 4% this decade verses 1% over the previous three decades.

Silverwood branches can only be made into a few shapes, but for maximum production, buttons are the norm. Silverwood can only be worked with diamond or sapphire-encrusted blades. The buttons on William’s coat the day he first barges into Sadie’s studio in Fated Bond are made from Silverwood.